A Charity Organization Advocating for Children’s Welfare

One World Studios donates PhotoArt, for fundraising, to charitable organizations focused on child abuse recovery, children’s safety and welfare, children’s homes, and pre-placement foster care.

One World Studios is funded by private benefactors, managed and operated by volunteers, and has no administrative costs.

Selected artists donate digital rights to their PhotoArt in return for online exposure. Donated PhotoArt is then produced (on demand) using world-class museum-quality methods and is given to selected charitable organizations that have been vetted to maintain administrative costs of 10% or less.

These charitable organizations then sell the PhotoArt at their fundraiser events or advocating online.

100% of all money donated for PhotoArt is collected directly by the charity managing the fundraiser. One World Studios never receives any portion of your donation, and never manages any of the funds involved.

If you are a qualified charity looking for items to sell at your fundraiser events: once vetted, simply choose your PhotoArt piece, and the item will be shipped or delivered free of charge prior to your event. A gift-in-kind acknowledgment is always appreciated but not required.

If you wish to donate (to any qualified charity) your tax-deductible funds—in return for PhotoArt—OneWorldStudios.com (opening in 2022) offers direct portals to send 100% of your contribution to your charity of choice. One World Studios will produce and ship your PhotoArt directly to your home or business. Your tax-deductible receipt will then come from your charity of choice.

One World Studios is committed to never selling or giving any data or information related to our PhotoArtists, benefactors, or participating persons or businesses—to any entity.

One World Studios. First of its kind. Donated PhotoArt, purely for the benefit of children in need. And every single penny goes to well-run charities of your choice. We are self-funded and passionate about helping kids in need.

Imagine peace and love.. one child at a time.